Monday, November 15, 2010

Kinetic Typography by Eric Hutchinson

image source: google images

Eric Hutchinson slowly approaches a piano sitting in the middle of a white limbo. A sense of floor is create with black and white block letters that read Eric Hutchinson 'Ok, It’s Alright With Me' ”. In Hutchinson’s simple and unconventional music video he utilizes kinetic typography in order to bring a new sense of life to his music. The lyrics take on auditory and visual forms thus allowing the viewers to create a deeper connection with the art piece in which they are observing. Unlike many rappers and bubble-gum pop artists today Hutchinson does not rely on over saturating his video with sideshows that include half nude women and sparkly dresses that have no connection to the music concept behind the lyric. Instead, he exemplifies the progression of music videos through basic design elements.

The entire video is in black and white and the majority of the subject matter that fills the screen is restricted to Hutchinson, his piano and the block letter lyrics that dance across the picture plane. The type itself takes on many characteristics such as instability, consist movement and extension while popping in and out of existence. Although uniform in basic color scheme and overall style the individual words and letters are slightly different and incorporate several angles, speeds, sizes, bolds and shades to subtly keep the viewer interested. Many designers(such as those interviewed in the film 'Objectified') argue that it is more difficult to create a good design that is simple than a design that is overly embellished and complex. Eric Hutchinson’s video utilizes the basic elements of design in order to create a simply charming and successful music video that engages the viewer on a deeper level through kinetic typography.

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